Basic Guy uses a STOLEN COPY of PB 3.5
(too old to reply)
2009-12-06 03:05:03 UTC

You can't win a trick can you ?

Come on, come clean (not in your pants), why are you hiding behind a
bullsh*t phony name while posting links to STOLEN SOFTWARE ? Why won't
you tell us where you STOLE your copy of PB 3.5 from ?

Now come on, have a tantrum or two, jump up and down, threaten to hold
your breath, say the naughty words you have learnt and even more
people will join the PowerBASIC peer forum to escape dipsh*ts like

Mike has good reason to be worried about a cockroach like you as he
wants to keep his identity secret where you have already shown what a
cockroach you are by posting details about me. The difference is it
has been done before by people a lot smarter than you will ever be and
they failed as badly as you have.

You have established the criterion of posting other peoples pesonal
details on the internet and you put people like Mike and Wayne at risk
by doing so. With a buddy like you they could do better, typhoid Mary,
Joe Stalin, Ghengis Khan etc ...

Now be a good little boy and let go of your DICK, pull your pants back
up and pretend that you have behaved yourself because if mummy catches
you being naughty again, she migh just tan your bare arse until you
capitulate, promise to behave and put your foot back in your mouth.

PS: Tread in something horrible first.
2009-12-07 06:26:14 UTC
And lets ahare it round in more than 1 group.
2009-12-07 10:15:37 UTC
It only takes one person who can be bothered...
This would not affect anything, and only serve to demonstrate the
depths to which powerbasic will go to try to intimidate anyone who
dares to speak out, no matter what name was on the post.

All you are doing here is using the names of people that...
Hmmm well maybe. You are right I don't know why they dissappeared but
am I the only one who finds it odd that after 350 posts Semen just
vanished on Oct 30 2006?

We all know he did not die. In fact I have been assured he is in
communication with PBrs in the community. Lance Stopped posting after
thousands of really helpful answers in Aug 2004. In fact so mysterious
was his departure a thread was started:

Finally he posted a carefully crafted reply, but it his sudden
unannounced departure did not go un-noticed. Don't you think its odd
that a daily fixture and staff member at powerbasic would just vanish,
no announcement, no replacement just poof gone? Perhaps I am just
imagining it...

I heard Borje was doing fine a year or so ago. But I dont know today.
Then there is the Wayne MIA thread... that was ban #??
This ban was categorized as:
" suspension was for a very short period of time... enough to "cool
off". "

I may be wrong, but I suspect a lot of these people got tired of being
given time to "cool off".
and smear both the PB vendor and Jose Roca.
I've dealt with Mr Zale in some detail. My statements about his
actions are all backed with links to his own words and others
statements. Mr Roca's hands are not clean either, but since you don't
believe me, try another long time PBr:

"I then spent some time on the Jose Roca Software forum in place of
visiting PowerBasic. and learned from some personal emails from Jose
that he had been done badly by Bob with respect to code that he
produced for the new compilers, and Jose also told me of others that
had been mistreated and banned, even cheated in some cases.

But while Jose was a really contributive developer, he and another
that worked with him went through their postings and eliminated every
post I had made there, apparently because Bob turned up the heat on
them for allowing me to be a participant there. See, this stuff is
going on right and left, but as a rule, programmers and developers
want to avoid being drawn into a fray like this, and since they
themselves are not involved, it just seems better to take Bob Zale's
word on these matters, because after all, his product speaks not only
for itself, but for him as well."

"I also mentioned Jose Roca, who according to xxxxxxxx, should have
personal reason to be involved in this matter. But Jose is really
sold on PowerBasic, and wants to keep as harmonious a relationship
with Bob Zale as he can. And I heard, either from xxxxxxx or Jose,
about a particularly sour deal where someone got cheated out of their
due by Bob Zale. No real details in my head, and possibly an
incorrect version anyway, but the name and address appear in the
attached text file (which by the way comes with the product that this
person got ripped off concerning). He might have something to say in
the matter."

"Dave Navarro was a top tech with PowerBasic, but abruptly left and
apparently started his own small business. No admission that he was
gone or reasons as to why ever surfaced, but he never even ventured
back to visit the PowerBasic forums, which was quite unexpected,
because while with PowerBasic, he was a guru there."

"Then there was Lance Edmonds, also a frequent PowerBasic
representative on the forums, and did some really fine work there...
Then suddenly he wasn't there any more, and never heard from again.
There were lots of questions about where he might have gone or why,
because he was the last tech with PowerBasic that really dealt with
anyone's questions, and sorely missed. Over time though, those posts
concerning him and where he might be went away too."

Why do you defend this guy Hutch? You're a smart guy and a brilliant
developer, just like Jose. I just don't get it....
2009-12-07 11:39:40 UTC

To answer your last question first, I have a funny old fashioned sense
of fair and the endless attack on a person who I have known for years
is something I will not accept. Just be reading this clapped out old
newsgroup I pick up that much has gone down between yourself and
PowerBASIC Inc including a BBB legal action in Florida yet I know from
what has been written here that you did not win that complaint. Now I
suggest to you as a friend that you are not pursuing any sense of
justice here but are chasing some form of revenge in the form of a
vendetta against Bob Zale for having failed in the BBB action.

What you are after will never succeed but you put your arse on the
chopping block for no reasonable reason. I bothered to ask a couple of
my friends here in OZ about US law as it is different to ours and they
told me that any legal action of the type you took against PowerBASIC
Inc is now a matter of public record and anyone who is interested can
get a copy of that information and spew your guts from arsehole to
breakfast time all over UseNet, just like that PHUKING imbecile
thought he could damage me with.

Now you have seen this yourself, an idiot hiding behind his bullsh*t
name trying to apply some form of leverage against me by publishing my
name address and phone number but like every other idiot who have ever
tried it, it comes to nothing. Now you know your reason not to be
identified better than I do yet with this information publically
available it will only take one person who is pissed off enough and
you are in trouble.

I have made you the comment before, it is time to move on into your
next language, when you have posted C++ in the masm forum, it shows
that you are on the way to becoming proficient in a language that has
massive backing around the world and which should be able to do the
job for you. You can waste your life and time continuing this vendetta
against people like Bob Zale, Tom Hanlin and even Jose but you risk it
exploding in your face and revealing exactly what you don't want
others to know, your identity.