Hey Mike, Wanna give it a rest ?
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2010-03-09 00:20:26 UTC

One of the advantages of living in a Democracy like the United States
is its freedom of information laws, especially in the state of Florida
where the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services commit
all complaints to the public record.

Now the real problem here (for you) is that "YOU" have plastered your
name, postal address and telephone number all over the Florida public
record for all to see yet you want to maintain your anonymity while
slandering a whole host of decent hard working people.

Now here is the offer to give you a new start where you can
concentrate on making a buck instead of pissing your effort into a
childish vendetta.

I am going to put the original complaint with all of your details and
the final response from the Florida Department of Agriculture &
Consumer Services on a web site so that any person who has been misled
by your vendetta can take advantage of the American public record and
learn the facts.

What I will do in the short term is withold the URL if you are willing
to act like a gentleman and tender a public apology to Jose Roca for
accusing him of conspiracy, a public apology to Tom Hanlin for
accusing him of any form of dishonesty in past business dealings and
finally a public apology to the president of PowerBASIC Inc. Bob Zale
for all of the abuse and insults you have pointed at him over the last
couple of years.

Ball is in your court Mike.
2010-03-12 17:34:25 UTC
2010-03-12 21:07:45 UTC


You have just published links to my personal details. Either tender
your public apology to the aforementioned people in my provious post
or I will do as you have just done to ensure your target audience has
the appropriate information from the public record to make informed