Hutch, likes, asses.
(too old to reply)
2010-06-18 14:48:07 UTC
Given Hutch's writing style, I'd like to know how far they let him get
until they decided he was worthless and booted his ass (which he likes
so much) out of school.

What is your educational background?

It amazes me how much Hutch cares about putting people down. Unable to
form an intelligent debate, he resorts to put-downs.

His writing style is MUCH different than Zales. Which is why I
provoked him so much. Now, the next time Zales posts via Hutch, we
will all see the glaring differences and be able to tell a Zale post
from a Hutch post.

Basic Guy
2010-06-19 03:04:30 UTC
Now, the next time Zales posts via Hutch, ...
It's been about a year (in fact, I think it's been exactly 1 year) since
Zale posted bere.
2010-06-20 12:27:21 UTC
Awe diddums, poor Eric has discovered he has nothing to say but then
the rest of us already knew that. Now don't worry about education and
don't be confused by the names, we know Eric thinks he is Auric and
Auric thinks he is nuts and I am supposed to be Box Zale and Bob Zale
is supposed to be Goy Boy but if you go back to just sitting on your
arse you will eventually get over it.