PowerBASIC / Windows for $49
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Bob Zale
2009-12-11 20:16:00 UTC
PowerBASIC for just $49 ?

Classic PowerBASIC is an amazing product with real value pricing.It's
a true professional compiler... Not too long ago, it was known as
PowerBASIC 8.0 for Windows. Competitively priced at $199. But you can
buy it today for just $49! What a great way to learn about
PowerBASIC... it's a wonderful gift, a serious compiler at
entry-level pricing. Perfect for anyone who wants real value in their

Classic PowerBASIC is a native code compiler for Windows. It creates
applications with a Graphical User Interface (GUI), to provide the
typical "Look and Feel" of Windows. It creates highly efficient
executables and industry-standard DLLs for optimum flexibility. The
machine code generated by PowerBASIC is among the most efficient in
the industry, both in terms of size and speed. It compares most
favorably with leading compilers of any dialect, Pascal, Fortran, C++,
and others. With PowerBASIC, you'll end BloatWare forever!

Need more info about Classic PowerBASIC? That's easy enough...
For details, GOTO http://www.powerbasic.com/products/clwn/
2009-12-12 00:33:28 UTC
Compliments Bob,

I confess to particularly liking PBwin 80 and spent some years writing
code with it that always performed very well. For people who are
interested in learning Windows programming, the discipline of writing
declarations for each function or sub is worth understanding as it
helps to organise the way code is written and maintained. The inline
assembler is a well thought out high performance tool and of course it
can use the full range of Windows API code.

The unmodified final compile size is very competitive against most
other languages and the performance of true native code gives the
visual garbage generators a serious bashing around the ears. I have
code generators, scripting engines, complex parsers, hash tables and a
mountain of code written in the assembler for Pbwin 80 so I speak with
some experience with this compiler. The DLLs built with this compiler
are fast, small and very competitive in performance terms and at $49
you would have to be laughing in comparison to the cost, bloat and
sluggish performance of the alternatives.


Basic Guy
2009-12-12 03:47:08 UTC
Post by Bob Zale
PowerBASIC for just $49 ?
Hey Bob -

Steve Hutchesson wants to know why you're posting in a clapped out old
newsgroup like this.

Are times so tough that you've got to come to a clapped out old
newsgroup and beg for sales by posting commercial spam?

How about this. I'll do you one better.

How about PowerBasic for just $0.00 ?

PowerBasic v9.0 with firefly visual designer:


Powerbasic 8.01:


Say hi to your bum-buddy Steve for me. Tell him he's doing a great job
being your sock puppet here.
2009-12-12 10:31:14 UTC
Can't win a trick can you dimwit ?

Is there anyone left who has not joined the PB peer forum yet ? Once
they read your post guess where they will rush off to so they don't
have to put up with an imbecile like you ?

Now come on Goy Boy, where did you steal your copy of PB 3.5 from, you
know, the one you are trying to get support for here ?
2009-12-13 06:18:55 UTC
Why spend peanuts to buy a good reliable compiler for $49 when you can
download a stolen copy like our friend here has and have to scoure the
internet to get support for it. Think of all the life and time you
could waste apart from the risks of virus infected downloads by taking
the path that our friend here has.

Now if you are not as smart as our friend here, $49 is peanuts and you
not only get a very good proven compiler that delivers high quality
high performance code but you can join the PowerBASIC peer forum and
get high quality support from PowerBASIC staff and other registered
users who actually know what they are talking about.

Bart Lateur
2009-12-13 23:45:31 UTC
Post by Bob Zale
PowerBASIC for just $49 ?
That can't be, it must be pirated... Who is this Bob Zale character
2009-12-14 12:11:05 UTC

Yeah you are right, the head honcho of PowerBASIC has pirated his own
software and is selling it on the cheap just to take sales away fom
the flagship product line. :)