It's taken 9 years of my source code contributions for Powerbasic to decide I must start posting with my real name, otherwise I'm a "THUG"
(too old to reply)
Wayne Diamond
2009-10-29 00:19:16 UTC
Reputable Forum Managers (Jose Roca, Eros Olmi, myself, and many
others) have the right to distance ourselves from thugs. That said,
both you and Wayne are free to rejoin the PowerBASIC Forums at any
time using your real names instead of a false identity. However,
given the abundance of false information, you will be moderated
^^^ This was posted by Powerbasic's boss Bob Zale, in a thread that has
nothing to do with me (I was alerted by a fellow Powerbasic coder about
this, and I thank them for that).
The thread title is "powerbasic swallows IBasic?" by MikeTrader

It is interesting to note that after _9 YEARS_ of contributions to the
Powerbasic forums I am now known as a THUG by Bob Zale.

Have a look at http://www.pbcrypto.com - a website I set up at my own time
and expense that has provided PB programmers with guidance in regards to
cryptography, steganography and so on. Also search POFFS Source Code forum
for my posts. I've contributed more source code than most, and that was
something I was proud of.

It is also interesting that Bob says I am "free to rejoin the Powerbasic
forums at any time using my real name", yet he has known my real name since
the very first time that I purchased PBDOS, PBCC, and PBDLL 9 years ago (we
got into an argument just like this, 9 years ago, but he seemed to turn a
blind eye... for 9 years, and has now changed his view).

NINE YEARS. Either Bob is saying he's very, very slow at detecting aliases,
or he's known my real name and let me contribute source code for 9 years,
and has now done a backflip.

It seems it is more important to Bob Zale that random strangers on the
internet know my real name, than it is for me to contribute source code. HE
knows my real name, he has for the last 9 years that I've been posting for
crying out loud, yet that clearly isn't enough for me to be able to
contribute to the forums.

This is absolutely ridiculous. If you didn't want me posting under a private
username then you should've banned me NINE YEARS AGO. But all this has
Basic Guy
2009-10-29 03:06:13 UTC
But all this has proven is that POWERBASIC DO NOT RESPECT

It proves that PowerBasic is owned and operated by psychopaths.

Is Steve Leslie Hutchesson going to come along now and tell us

What's his angle on all this?

Is he Zale's attack dog - come here and shit all over these PB usenet
2009-10-29 11:54:05 UTC
Awe diddums,

Is mummy smacking your poor tender little bottom again ? Never mind,
blow your nose, wash behind your ears and be a good little boy and you
may get over it.


I am sorry to hear you are at this impass with the PowerBASIC folks, I
always found you to be a perfect gentleman, decent programmer and a
human being but then I am biased, you are one of ours from West OZ. I
wonder if there is a viable way to solve the problem, I know from
running a forum that you cannot make exceptions to your rules or the
place falls to pieces. I had to re-register about 9 years ago when
Dave Navarro kicked me out for the same reason but it was no big deal
to fix, I just rejoined under my own name.

Now the PowerBASIC vendor may be as cantankerous as I am but from my
contact with him from time to time over the years he was always a
reasonable guy if you are straight with him. This Usenet shithole goes
nowhere and you have to put up with idiots here.

Anyhow mate, I hope you can find a way to solve the problem without
being associated with the trash in Usenet.


Happy Trails
2009-11-04 03:31:22 UTC
Post by hutch--
This Usenet shithole goes
nowhere and you have to put up with idiots here.
Anyhow mate, I hope you can find a way to solve the problem without
being associated with the trash in Usenet.
The trashiest stuff here is yours.

If you think it such a shithole why don't you just fuck off and stop
posting? Do you find yourself attracted?

BTW, with all your childish admonitions, crying over spilled milk,
etc, you sound very much like someone from Powerbasic!
2009-11-04 04:19:21 UTC
Come on Happy, you can do better than that.

Just read what is in here, bitching and whinging, pissing in each
others pocket and a never ending list of sob stories. Can you hear the
sad violins playing "Hearts and Flowers" ?

You have the same option as anyone else with an internet connection,
if you don't like it, don't read it. Look at the post count in here,
the only thing stopping it from reaching negative numbers is the
supply of sob stories when most people don't give a shit.

Clapped out old sh*holes like this group is why Usenet lingers on like
a pile of festering maggot sh*t, long ago dead but the stench won't go

If you really like to suffer sh*t like this, at least buy a nose peg.
2009-10-29 14:55:23 UTC
I think, at the end of they day, I just can't get worried about ANY of
this. In fact, this guy's non-stop whining posts has bothered me more
than anything PB has ever done to me. So, I suggest that he use his
rights as a consumer, and take his money elsewhere, and shut the fuck
up. I on the other hand am going to use my killfile so I don't need to
see this childishness again. There are much more important 'things'
going on in the world.

Get a life guys and move on!