PB - Can you please clarify WHY it is so important to expose your customers details?
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Wayne Diamond
2009-10-29 01:52:48 UTC
I have been posting on the PB forums for 9 years now, mostly source code
posts over the last half decade, after investing many years and quite a few
$$$ into teaching myself PB.

But now after all this time, even though Bob has known my real name all
along and has let me purchase various upgrades of his software as well as
contribute hundreds of source code postings, he has now done a backflip and
has decided that it is more important for him/Powerbasic that the I either
start posting using my full name (ie. it's important to him that the world
knows my real name), or I remain banned.

Now ... I'm not sure if anybody else cares whether I'm Wayne Diamond, or
Dave Smith, or Seal.

For me all that matters is that
1) Yes I have legally paid for all of my Powerbasic programs (including
2) Powerbasic/Bob knows who I am (the rest of the world doesn't need to
know), and Bob has known who I am since Day 1 when I first became a
Powerbasic user a decade ago.
3) I have contributed to the forums for some 9 years, yet in all that time
I've never been questioned until now when I emailed in a bug report. (Mental
note: Don't report bugs). I'd emailed in only a month or two prior to that
with a PRNG algorithm, which got no response.

So I ask Powerbasic -- _WHY_ is it so important for you to expose your
customers privacy to the rest of the world??? No other programming
environments do this, it's just a Bob Zale thing.

The fact that Powerbasic have proven and publically demonstrated that they
are willing to ban a 9-year customer, whom they KNOW, and their ban reason
is "you have to use a real name" yet they've let me use this alias for NINE
YEARS, just proves 1) how ridiculous this is, and 2) that Powerbasic, for
some bizarre reason, want the rest of the world to know the full names of
all their customers, rather than demonstrating that they value their
customers privacy.

HINT: Nobody here cares whether I'm Dick Smith or Tom Jones or whoever.

Compare Bob's 1-man-band stance to _ANY_ other programming language
environment, and you will see that there is a fundamental flaw in
Powerbasic's policy when it comes to _CUSTOMER PRIVACY_, and that is a
serious vulnerability for anybody looking at long-term Powerbasic
programming (and the future of that is already looking bleak, as I've
recently tested those waters).

Never before have I come across a company who was so AGAINST the privacy of
their customer details :( it's just ridiculous, if not verging on illegal.
2009-10-29 14:57:09 UTC
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Post by Wayne Diamond
HINT: Nobody here cares whether I'm Dick Smith or Tom Jones or whoever.
Hey! If you're Dick Smith, *I* care! Can I have a ride in your
helicopter, please?

Cheers, Phred.
Happy Trails
2009-10-29 23:29:01 UTC
Post by Phred
Hey! If you're Dick Smith, *I* care! Can I have a ride in your
helicopter, please?
Cheers, Phred.
Of course nobody in the rest of the world knows who the heck Dick
Smith is!

So I read the article on Wikipedia - interesting! It's nice when the
occasional snippet of life down under bubbles up over, hahaha.
2009-10-29 23:29:34 UTC

How about "Hardly Normal" whoops I mean "Harvey Norman", the head of
the retail chain that among other things sells overpriced electronic
and computer junk around OZ ?