The Steve Leslie Hutchesson (hutch--) FAQ: Version 3
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Basic Guy
2010-06-11 15:25:22 UTC
Steve Leslie Hutchesson is Bob Zale's internet sock puppet. His purpose
is to prevent Power Basic users from abandoning the PB forums that Zale
runs with an iron fist by posting messages here extolling the imaginary
virtues of the PB forums.

He also defends Bob Zale against any criticism raised against Zale in
the powerbasic usenet groups.

Steve is an Australian. He is 62 years old.

His birthdate is June 18, 1948.

Steve lives at this address:

13 chapman street
surry hills, new south wales 2010
Phone: 02 93312672

Here is a google-maps link to his street address.


Click and drag the yellow "person" icon (at the top of the zoom control)
to the location marked as "A" on the map to see the streetscape around
Steve's appartment. You'll see Steve's crappy white car parked on the

In case you need to contact him, try this e-mail address:

Email: ***@masmforum.com (hutch at masmforum.com)

Steve Hutchesson frequently fantasizes about children, and usually
imagines that he is engaged in conversation with them. Perhaps this is
a carry-over from his participation in chatrooms frequented by children.

Steve is particularly fond of the concepts of corporal punishment and
adult-child imagery and interaction. He is so titillated by these
phrases that he uses them over and over again:

- mummy started smacking you poor little bottom
- dirty little pictures of little boys, CHILD PORN-
- be a man, let go of your DICK
- prevent mummy from smacking your poor little bottom even harder.
- she gets out the BIG paddle, your poor little bottom will be so sore
- little bottom will be so sore it will glow in the dark.

A psychoanalytic study of the above phrases reveal that Steve was raised
in a strict, disciplinary way by his mother. His mother was probably
distant, domineering, certainly abusive, and fault finding. The sexual
themes he mixes with ideas of maternal punishment indicates a latent and
possibly unresolved oedipus complex.

Steve was born in 1948 - a difficult, stressful and chaotic time during
the post-war recovery after world war 2. His mother's pregnancy might
have been unintentional (perhaps the result of a one-night stand) and
that might explain the harsh discipline expressed by his mother towards
him. It can be theorized that a father figure was probably absent for
most of Steve's childhood, and that he has difficulty forming personal
relationships with women. A tendency towards sadomasochism (which is
also indicated in the above themes) would not helpful in that regard.


Steve is a fan and advocate of Power Basic. He would like as many
people to use it as possible, even if they have to download it via
torrent. He recommends the following links:

PowerBASIC for Windows v8.04.0042:

PowerBasic v9.0 with firefly visual designer:

Powerbasic 8.01:


Here are some examples of how Steve is thought of and interacts with
other members of the programming community:


This page mainly serves to warn people of the treatment they can except
from Stephen Leslie Hutchesson, a.k.a. hutch--, for as little as merely
disagreeing with his point-of-view.

Below are links to threads, posts and even declassified moderation
material involving or highlighting Steve "hutch--" Hutchesson and his
abusive actions toward members of the former Win32ASM Community, now ASM
Community, along with his disrepect of fellow moderators at the time.
Feel free to read, but please form your own opinion by investigating
sources outside of these... namely search the UseNET group alt.lang.asm
and Steve's own forum at http://www.masm32.com/ for further evidence on
the continuation in this pattern of misconduct.

• WA: jeezes hutch, cut it out - An early example of how Steve exhibits
the logical fallacy called "Special Pleading" and his desires to create
an anti-American / pro-Australian medium.

• allow members to delete their own threads in WA? - Steve attacks a
fellow moderator by applying the typical logical fallacy called "Ad

• Does the world want Bush's Republican New World Order - An example of
how Steve enjoys drawing people into flame-wars. The original poll had
two choices, "YES, we all want to grovel to Bush's superior culture" and
"NO, they can shove it up their arse".

• Who deleted the poll I started in WA ? - Illustrates Steve's animosity
towards Americans, or anyone who simply doesn't agree with him for that
matter, with a little hint of a logical fallacy called "Biased Sample".

• My most recent email of support for defending against abuse. - Example
of Steve attempting force the moderation team to swallow his rhetoric.

• closing WA - In recent light of Steve's inability to control the WA
(Worldy Affairs) forum, he joins the bandwagon in getting rid of it

• Apply the axe to WA now ! - Steve becomes impatient with his recent
agreement to disban the WA (Worldy Affairs) forum and tries to press the
issue further.

• what's going on here, hutch? - An attempt by the moderation team to
intervene on Steve's abuse problems, with a good touch of how Steve's
ego and head have become inflated due to the popularity of MASM32.

• What's going on here Harold ? - Steve attempts to pull a classical
logical fallacy called a "Red Herring" where Steve blames the rest of
the moderation team to take the focus off of his abusive actions.
Thankfully, the "Red Herring" is quickly curtailed and the original
problem of Steve's abuse is further discussed.

• Notification to team members. - Steve loses his cool with his ego
taking over completely and outright blames the rest of the moderation
team for the (then) current state of the forums instead addressing his
own personal issues. Perhaps a positive indication of elderly
senility... but insulting and uncalled for, none-the-less.

• Policy change on illegal postings - More highlights of Steve using his
moderation status as leverage for executing his peronal agendas.

• What's happened, has atrophy set in ? - More blatent insults toward
the moderation team on behalf of Steve, including remarks against non
native-English speakers. Arrogance++??? Also included is a bit of
information as to the true origins of Steve's animosity toward f0dder.

• Forum exit link for masm32 site - Steve's abrupt exit strategy, yet he
still manages to blame someone else in the process.

• I have proposed the following 2 solutions to hutch - Light discussion
about Steve and how MASM32 will be supported after his leaving.

• Hutch vs. f0dder - Steve's attempt at "remote control" of the
community he left.

• Great hutch vs f0dder war - A public example of the animosity between
Steve and f0dder.

• masm(forum) dot com - An intersting read about Steve.

• Steve (Hutch)esson - At one time, a statement to ASM Community about
Steve and where I stand in regard to his actions.

• Behind the Scenes: ASM Community - A lengthy summary of the events and
actions that lead Steve to leave this community. Recommended reading if
you have the time.
2010-06-12 03:37:41 UTC
HAY Goy Boy,

Thanks for the free publicity, in this world every little bit helps.
Now come on Goy Boy, come clean, what are you peddling on the internet
that requires that you hide behind some bullshit phony name. What
grubby dirty little activities are you up to ?

Now you keep telling us humerous things about you, born out of wedlock
by a mother who did not want you, a father you never knew and after
you sat on your dummy you never got over it and have the problem that
you can't get it up with the ladies.

Now you have blown it this time, when are you going to post those
risky virus ridden links to stolen software and were you stupid enough
to have used those links to the get the stolen copy of PB 3.5 that you
keep using illegally ?

Can't win a trick can you Goy Boy, so easy to manipulate its
Happy Trails
2010-06-12 05:27:10 UTC
He can't spell worth a shit either. Probably never went much past
primary school, if even that.
2010-06-12 05:50:42 UTC
I guess he does not have to be all that literate to peddle dirty
Post by Happy Trails
He can't spell worth a shit either. Probably never went much past
primary school, if even that.